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Jewelry and accessories from China

Jewelry and accessories from China Jewelry and accessories from China

Jewelry and accessories from China provide excellent quality and original design. China ranks first in the world in gold production (314 tonnes), 14 th place for the extraction of jewelry diamonds (230,000 carats) and 7th place in the artificial diamond to 16.8 million carats.

Silver in China a little less than about 9.6% of world reserves, but the silver mining in China are growing every year. Precious stones mined in China quite a bit, but China - a recognized leader in the production of semi-precious stones for jewelery: agalmatolita, quartz, malachite, jade, fluorite, and others.

Jewelry from China defies Western jewelery brand original design jewelry, often in the original traditions of the Chinese culture. Besides jewelry it is in China on an unprecedented rise: in 2013 alone the volume of domestic sales increased by 107% ($ 76.6 billion).

After real estate and cars expensive jewelry has become one of the most popular investment in China. However, only a few Chinese jewelry brands recognized on the world stage. Among them, for example, brands TTF Haute Joaillerie (Shenzhen), Worldmart (Panyu), Unicorn Jewelry Design Co Ltd.i KET Jewelry (Hong Kong), widely represented in European fashion boutiques. He refutes the conventional wisdom that China is only able to replicate well-known jewelery brands. Jewelry TTF different original design, combined with the fine hand work. Thus, today China produces high quality jewelry brands. Mastery of Chinese jewelery is growing every year, so not far off.

When China will become the absolute leader in the jewelry industry worldwide. The range of original Chinese jewelry, which can be bought in China, has the following positions:

  • Articles of precious metals: gold, silver, platinum.
  • Diamond jewelry.
  • Products with precious stones, especially with sapphires.
  • Products made of semiprecious stones: pearl, jade, amber.

Prices for Chinese factory jewelry is much lower than the prices on identical products in Europe and the US, so the Chinese jewelry industry ensures that the jewelry made of precious metals and stones are becoming more affordable. Eminent jewelery houses have begun to worry that the cheap prices of Chinese jewelry when they are quite decent as upsets the balance of forces in the international jewelry market.

Internet Aliexpress store offers a huge assortment of the finest examples of Chinese jewelry at affordable prices. Along with original jewelry from China on the market now you can buy in large quantities and copies of famous brands made in China.

Long gone are the days when these copies dodgy salesmen trying to sell as originals. The Chinese produce those copies just need: imitating the best examples, they learn and improve their skills jewelry. These copies are sometimes made so skillfully that distinguish them from the original only by virtue of experienced experts. Only one price for the Chinese jewelry says that it is a copy, not the original, but this is already a sufficient sign for consumers.

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