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Bags and Cases from China

Bags and Cases from China Bags and Cases from China

Bags and Cases from China eased the lives of millions of people around the world. Completed drawings world's best brands, but much more affordable in its price, Chinese bags and suitcases long ceased to be synonymous with the purchase of badly one day.

Of course, low-quality cheap products and today is made in China, but only because it has a demand in developing countries. Anyone who is looking for a really high-quality product, China can offer a huge range.

Bags and Cases from China - it is always a bargain, optimally balancing price and quality. Take, for example, handbags. They need to be strong and functional, and they are made, must be of high quality materials, which is a nice touch, and fittings have to be soundly, and in general they should be in every woman a few different styles to face the woman was on -This stylish and fashionable. In addition to handbags woman need cosmetic compact suitcase on wheels for travel, backpack for hiking and many other accessories.

Today in China you can buy at all exclusive products, which would envy any fashionista. Many famous fashion houses in Europe manufacture their products in China. These Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna, Fendi, Chloe, etc. In addition, China has a huge industry of copies handbags of famous brands, which are produced by local Chinese brands. These Chinese brands WANLIMA, CEFIRO, LATUE SEED, SHAQIMA, MEXICAN, GOLDLION, UNICORN, SOZOMI, ANAIS, BOLANDO, JOWEI, AOLIBO and many others.

Bags from China look expensive and solidly, because made in the best Italian or American equipment by skilled craftsmen who studied abroad in soft leather and only with high-quality fittings. Neither the quality of the line, no machining of parts is not inferior to the best branded bags in Italy or France.

Cost such Chinese bags can 100 to $ 1,000, while the French and Italian originals are ten times more expensive. Chinese leather goods industry is constantly looking for new models and technological methods. Chinese companies - most persistent visitors world exhibitions and the most numerous suppliers trainees to European tanneries.

Therefore, in China, today everything is done to develop new, more beautiful, more comfortable and roomy bag. A similar pattern is observed in the market of suitcases. The Chinese have thoroughly studied the famous international brands of luggage, such as American Tourister, Samsonite, Louis Vuitton, Kipling, Titan, Goyard, Tumi, Delsey, Stentor, Dunhill and many others.

Together with an American concern Samsonite in China were established immediately dozens of enterprises for the production of stylish and practical suitcases on wheels made of cloth, plastic, leather and other materials, which has a large variety in the range of the online store Aliekspres (Aliexpress). Samsonite Company now produces dozens of models in China alone.

Among suitcases from China Antelao, Arenal, Corvo, Cayambe, Benzarino Belaya, Danube, Dukono and many others. So, Chinese bags Samsonite Antelao made of polyester, which is not afraid of no moisture, no bright sunlight. Bright juicy colors, built-in combination locks, telescopic handle, 4 maneuverable wheels, roomy pockets - all this makes these bags and convenient and practical for a very affordable price.

Collection of suitcases Samsonite Benzarino made of durable fabric with polyurethane wheels pyrex. So, buy a suitcase from China, stylish and practical, at a reasonable price - today it is a decent choice.

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