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Sporting goods from China

Chinese online sporting goods store Chinese online sporting goods store

Sporting goods from China to truly revolutionized the sports industry all over the world. Now the sport with its quality products is now available literally everyone. Now there is no excuse not to keep fit and play sports.

Whether it's sports equipment, clothing, footwear, leisure, for the correction and improvement of physical skills - all at an affordable price made in China in a comprehensive quantity, but in the online store Aliekspress (Aliexpress) is all you can buy. China's sports industry is so pervasive that in the world today it is simply impossible to find a sporting goods in China.

Everything is made in China, it is of varying quality. There are products and the world's most famous brands such as Kettler, House Fit, Puma, Adidas, Fila, Columbia and many, many others. It has its own Chinese brands of sporting goods: Li-Ning, Anta, Peak, Xtep, which, according to experts, in the near future can oust the market eminent and distinguished market leaders. This is already often the question arises: to buy in China European or American brand, or purchase a Chinese brand.

The system of certification and quality control of products for Chinese goods now so severe, that defective products reach global markets simply do not stand a chance. Almost half of all Chinese sports shoes produced in Fujian Province. The city Tszintszyan with a population of 3 million inhabitants, there are more than thousands of different manufacturers of sports goods. Chinese athletic footwear industry has passed through three major stages of development: from the makeshift family businesses with products of dubious quality, to cooperate with international brands, which served as a breakthrough for Chinese goods, and finally, to create their own Chinese brands. Company 361 ° for the second time in a row hit the ranking of the best Asian companies according to Forbes. Only in 2013 revenues 361 ° increased by 26%, and profit - by 30%.

Sporting goods company Anta inquiry bought the Italian brand of sportswear and footwear Fila and now manufactures its products under two brands. Every year in China, dozens of new brands of sports goods. For example, in 2013 the brand was launched Shine, who in his first year has already brought 4.4% of revenues.

But the real breakthrough in the world of steel Chinese goods for sports and tourist equipment. The fact that 20-30 years ago were available only to a limited contingent, now available to all. Everyone can buy your child, and skating, and soccer and basketballs, and a bicycle and sled and skating, and tennis racket and a kimono for karate or judo, all at once. Sports equipment for all sports and recreation has become available to everyone.

Even yesterday, skiing was a lot of the elite, but today anyone can buy and ski clothes, skis themselves, and fixing them, and remedies. And all this is made with the latest global technologies. A similar revolution took place in the field of sport trainers.

Chinese products are so affordable while retaining all the performance that if you want anyone can buy a professional sports trainer home, whether it's cardio or strength training device or simulator for sports in the open air near her home.

Many brands of simulators produced in collaboration with US companies, which, of course, impact on their quality only for the better. These brands of Chinese sports simulators True, Grizzly, GoFit, Sportop, Inspire, Inotec and many others.

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