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Watches from China

Watches from China Watches from China

Today watches from China - an indispensable attribute of the world watch market. They are cheap, expensive and very expensive. World-famous Swiss watch brands began to gradually move to China, which they so long and hard to do, unlike in other areas of consumer goods, especially electronics, clothing and footwear.

The Chinese, in turn, step by step, slowly but surely learn the basics skills of production assembly of watches. In the online shop Aliexpres (Aliexpress) you will find all the variety of the watch industry in China, which is considered the largest in the world. Every year, China produces more than 1.1 billion manual and wall clocks, which is 80% of the world of watchmaking. However, only 40% of this product is exported. So, by comparison, Switzerland has a 3% of the world production of watches and exports 40% of its products.

Unfortunately, China has made a lot of hours of very poor quality. This is done not because China can not produce high quality watches, but because third world countries and China itself needs a cheap watch. Today, China registered 200 trademarks hours, of which about 60 international. One of the oldest watch companies in China - Beijing Watch Factory in Beijing, built almost 50 years ago as a replica of a typical Soviet watch factory.

In the 1980s, the factory had to be left to stand too long in the hot rails quartz technology after the invasion of Japanese quartz watches to the world markets. Mechanical watches have since ceased to be in demand. Watch Beijing watch factory became famous all over the world a unique finest engraving on the dial.

However, true masterpieces of Chinese steel production time clock with a tourbillon. Now only 6 factories in China producing them, in particular, are well-known Chinese brands such as Sea-Gull, Fiyta, Longio and others.

These watches are available in the original design, they are bought by people who 10 years ago gave preference only Swiss watches. Watches tourbillon consists of 72 items that are used for maximum precision clock. Turbiyonovye clock accurate even the best of Japanese quartz watches.

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