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The best site of goods from China with free shipping. The best goods from China with free shipping

The best goods from China with free shipping The best goods from China with free shipping

Today, we compare several sites in China (stores) where you can buy goods from CIS countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others.

Probably the most common question buyers of Chinese goods is: "Where can I find quality Chinese products with free shipping." Here, let's talk about this. Just want to say that the article should not be taken as a rule! This is purely my personal opinion. Not to be unfounded declare that buy and order goods from China for over 5 years - the amount of orders more than $ 40,000, the privilege level A4.

And so to the point. In fact, there are several good Chinese stores: Aliexpress, TaoBao, Alibaba, LightInTheBox. Alibaba and Light Throw at once - for the average buyer they are not interesting. They are complex and more focused on wholesale. In the final of the competition for the best website of Chinese goods leave Ali and Tao.

Can we say that Taobao and Aliekspresse best products from China? I think yes. Well, at least plant the same, so the quality is the same. However, unlike the Tao Aliexpress trades already and European brands.

Further, on the best goods with free shipping from China. Buying on Tao, forget about it. Not only that you will hardly be able to buy something there alone - will have to use intermediaries (satellite sites are filled with goods in Russian). No options products from China with free shipping - it's Ali.

When you purchase goods from China with Aliekspressa course there are downsides. But all these disadvantages inherent in absolutely all the Chinese shops: bad, good, better, and not very much.

With regard to the goods from China to Russia - again with no options - the speed of delivery is quite high.

Conclusion. As for me. The best goods from China with free shipping, as well as the best site for this Aliexpress.

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