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Electronics from China

Electronics from China Electronics from China

Electronics from China today is the clear world leader. What electronic devices not only produces China. This gaming gadget and phone and portable computer equipment, video recorders and cameras, and video cameras, and electronic books and measuring devices, and projectors, and other various electronic devices for all occasions.

Electronics was one of the best kinds of gifts and win-win. So, you can give the children a special children's mobile phone or tablet, USB-microscope, iHelicopter, countless electronic toys, including the most fashionable now interactive. For the little ones can be bought in China audio - video nurses and countless toys with batteries and remote control. The time has come when China beat Japan and took the second place in the world in annual GDP after the United States.

The combination of cheap labor and natural diligence has turned China from an agrarian country into the world of the last factory of the future. Cheap Electronics from China every year improves the quality of the owl. In addition, it has helped millions of people worldwide improve their quality of life. Every year China's image as a producer of electronics improved and the Chinese electronic products are gaining confidence.

A huge range of top quality products of the Chinese electronics industry can be found in the online store Aliekspres (Aliexpress). Features of development of China's electronics, particularly vivid example of the market in the most sought after product of modernity - smartphones. 95% of all smartphones sold in the world is produced in China. Global brands, or have their own manufacturing facilities in China, or enter into contact with Chinese enterprises.

So, Apple is working on a contract with a Chinese corporation Foxconn. All smartphones and tablets manufactured in China can be divided into four basic types:

  • 1. Original phones and tablets brands Samsung, Sony, HTC, RIM Blackberry, and others.
  • 2. The original Chinese brands (OPPO, ZTE, Xiaomi, Huawey, Lenovo and others.
  • 3. Chinese copies of branded devices.

4. Chinese non-brand electronics, which in the Beijing market Yabaolu can stick any label on the buyer's choice. The first group everything is quite clear: the Chinese brands products are strict quality control and are consistent with the brand's products, produced in other countries.

The second group of Chinese electronics - it truly is an unknown world for our customers. Many will be surprised what turns out to be the world's thinnest smartphone than Apple created with Samsung, a Chinese factory BBK (smartphone brand Vivo X1). Chinese original smartphones represented by such brands as OPPO, Huaewei, ZOPO, Meizu, ZTE, Lenovo, THL, Xiaomi and many others.

The third group - a copy of brands, which are produced as a rule, small companies, then selling electronic goods from China.

Products in this group are characterized by their low cost, so their output quality by the wayside. Tablets and smartphones of this group is sometimes impossible to Russify. Finally, the 4th group of the Chinese electronics - goods brand. Rather, they have a brand, but it is so little known, as, for example, K-Touch, and Daxian, the Chinese prefer to stick to the more well-known product brands in the world. It is in this category is highest defect rate: 7%.

It is primarily due to the low quality accessories. But they and repair will cost much less. However, with all objectivity, to buy Chinese electronics profitable. Affordable price is able to block all the others, often negative their features.

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