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Posti Finland economy tracking

Learn how to track parcels sent by courier mail Posti Finland. And this can be done in Russian.

And so if the order information you have suddenly seen in the method of administration - Posti Finland, do not be afraid it is not "kidalovo." And even on the contrary. Postal courier Posti Finland economy for a long time working in the international arena of logistics and delivers the goods without problems around the world.

Track code parcels sent by post Finland Posti Finland (Itella) usually has a LP *** (14 digits). Either type of track number RA *** FI. Shipment in CIS 25-35 days.

Possible statuses Posti Finland economy:

Itella has received advance information of the item. Posti has received advance information of the item. The item is not yet in Posti. Sending adopted.

Item has arrived to warehouse. Item received for transport. Making the road.

In transit. Item has been registered. Item in sorting. In a way - She resigned waypoint

Item has departed from the warehouse. Arriving at the office of departure.

Item in process in office of exchange. Exports from the country of origin

The item is in transport. The item is on its way to the destination country. Imports of the country of destination.

Item arrived in the destination country. Arriving at customs.

The item has been submitted to customs clearance in the destination country. Arrive at your destination.

Item ready for pick up at the destination country place of collection. Sending delivered

Item delivered to the recipient. Unsuccessful attempt of delivery.

As a rule, all items Posti Finland without problems tracked at the official website of the courier: http://www.posti.fi/. Or rather link http://www.posti.fi/private/postisservices/tools/itemtracking/

For residents of Russia Itella Posti Tracking available in Russian: http://www.itella.ru/transport/tracktrace.html Recently, the information sending information to be displayed in the order of (speech about Aliexpress)

Posti Finland economy tracking

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