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Tracking shipments Special line YW

Today, in the article we consider how to track parcels sent by courier Special line YW. Since tracking in Special line YW in Russian is not provided, we will tell you how to do it.


YANWEN Express Company operates in the field of international shipments in 1998 and delivers parcels in 120 countries. Delivery companies by using aircraft, trains, cars and other vehicles are available. Shipments via Special line YW occupy about 20% of all orders with Aliexpress, and are delivered to the standard terms of 10-30 days from the dispatch of the order.

If the order information delivery service is Special Line-YW, then this article is for you. Track code usually has a standard form type YC826315180YW.

Tracking parcels sent Special line YW can be carried out directly on the site Aliekspress - first information will appear within 5-10 days. Status of departure can be found in the ordering information in the same place you found your track code.

Unfortunately Special line YW in Russian tracking parcels does not provide, but then, neither of which is terrible - it can be done in English.

To track the administration of Special line YW is necessary to go to the website of the company mail: http://www.yw56.com.cn/english/index.aspx and copy your track code in the Tracking Number / Order Number and click Submit. If all is well you will see a list of stoatusov. For example:

  • 09/19/2015 00:00  Beijing Internationg Mail Center Prepare to Dispatch  
  • 09/18/2015 00:00  BeiJing Arrived at Beijing Internationg Mail Center
  • 09/18/2015 00:00  Beijing Internationg Mail Center Received
  • 09/16/2015 20:00  ShenZhen Despatched from Yanwen ShenZhen Sorting Center
  • 09/16/2015 18:00  ShenZhen Arrived at Yanwen ShenZhen Sorting Center

To track the administration of Special line YW in Russian, you can use the program Track Checker. The program can translate the status and stages of the passage of parcels into Russian.

Tracking shipments Special line YW

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