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Tracking Malaysia Post

Malaysia Post Malaysia Post

New Aliexpress partner for the delivery of parcels from China Malaysia Post

Mail Malaysia appeared on the list of trusted couriers recently. This is due to a large number of purchases at the store and therefore Aliexpress found a new partner. And he was not mistaken - Malaysia Post parcels are tracked perfectly, and reach in time.

How do I know the track code Malaysia Post

In the early stages of all parcels Malaysia Post labeled MY letters as indicated on them. But over time, increasing the number of parcels and the past, to put into circulation the additional codes QF and BL. Malaysia-mail Track-codes have something like this:

  • ETH12345678MY
  • SYL12345678QF
  • SYL12345678BL

Malaysia Post codes Track are not the standard format, namely, first, we see three letters instead of two. This means that track the parcel through the universal services fail.

How to track the parcel Malaysia Post

In order to track the parcel Malaysia Post is best to use the official website address (http://www.pos.com.my/). After copying the track code provided by the seller Aliexpress, go to the home page and find the field label (insert number), insert the code, we press SUBMIT. If the administration of the information is in the database, you will see it on the screen.

If the information is there, you will see something like the following:

Malaysia Post status to English

  • Dispatch PreAlert to Ukraine, MPC PMIH (KLIA) -. Was delivered for shipment to Ukraine
  • Item Posted Over The Counter to Ukraine, MPC PMIH (KLIA) -. Prepared to send to Ukraine
  • Item Sent to UKRAINE MPC, PMIH (KLIA) - Sent to Ukraine
  • Item Arrived at Ukraine Fed., Ukraine. - Arrived in Ukraine

Delivery of parcels Malaysia Post

Malaysia Speed ​​Post is no different from other e-mail services and totals from 20 to 30 days. The first tracking information appears within ten days from the date of payment. Precautions standard - if tracking information is not present, open dispute. Statuses parcels real as opposed to MTY

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