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How to track the parcel Hongkong Post Air Mail

Hongkong Post Air Mail Hongkong Post Air Mail

Hongkong Post - is the national mail of China and operates in the field of transport and logistics since 1841.

Hongkong Post has a very developed infrastructure, has warehouses and sorting centers throughout China. This ensures high delivery speed parcels Aliekspress worldwide. Shipping from China to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus comes in about 15-25 days.

Hongkong Post and China Post analogue is a trusted carrier Aliexpress store.

Types of parcels and status Hongkong Post

Like all international delivery service Hongkong Post will mark their packages according to the weight, size and cost:

  • Hongkong Bulk Airmail - not registered mail, parcels are not assigned a track number, which means that the track a package you do not get.
  • Hongkong Post Air Mail (Registered) - usually a weight of no more than 2 kg. Delivered by plane and can be tracked.
  • Hongkong Post Air Parcel (Registered) - has all the advantages of the previous version, however, allowed to shipment departure gross weight not exceeding 10 kg, dimensions of content in comparison with the Hongkong Post Air Mail is also increased..
  • Hongkong SpeedPost - usually a priority parcels weighing more than 10 kg. You can track all the way.

Registered parcel Hongkong Post Air Mail have a track number in two forms:



Track mail Hongkong Post Air Mail

Tracking parcels sent by Hongkong Post without any problems can be done on the official website (http:.. // Www hongkongpost hk / en / home /), by copying your track code and clicking the button TRACK.

If the sending of the information is in the database, you will receive all necessary information on the screen. Tracking Hongkong Post in Russian can be made on site 17track

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