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ePacket tracking parcels

ePacket tracking parcels ePacket tracking parcels

With the recent premise Aliexpress time began to deliver to us a strange courier ePacket. How to track the parcel ePacket?

Just want to say - do not worry. And even more reviews of ePacket very good and this is not surprising. All parcels courier ePacket perfectly tracked and reach more unlike other postal services. Courier is in the community and international service standard UPU has a track code. Therefore track-codes delivery ePacket have views LM123456789CN. LM The letters at the beginning of the code indicate the affiliation to the service by post ePacket.

How to Track ePacket?

To track parcels sent ePacket in Russian, you need to use a universal service for tracking 17track items. ePacket Parcel tracking can be carried out from about 7-10 days after receipt of a track code.

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