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EMS shipping for purchases from Aliexpress

One of paid rather expensive paid delivery service items from the Chinese store Aliekspress. How to track the parcel sent through EMS.


Often when you buy in Aliexpress can find products that are sent only paid couriers such as EMS, DHL, TNT and other - usually either expensive products or products with large dimensions. I will not go into the exact calculation method of delivery, as he expects Aliexpress and include it in the cost of the order. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of EMS is needed and when such a delivery.

The greatest advantage of EMS Aliexpress - is the speed of delivery! Declared deadlines for Aliexpress about 3-10 days! However, in fact the total time from order to receipt of the order, and an average of 15 days versus 20-30 days with free shipping.

The second point - parcels sent by EMS, brought directly to the house. You can open the package and see.

Next. EMS - is not nearly in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, - the percentage of lost, stolen or damaged parcels Aliekspressa ten times lower. That is EMS - it reliably.

Tracking parcels Aliexpress EMS. All parcels are tracked quickly, accurately and with clear status on all the way.

Unfortunately, the cost of shipping EMS does not inspire such optimism. The average cost of large items not $ 30 or more. Sometimes it even exceeds the cost of the purchase.

EMS can track the origin on the site Aliexpress in ordering information, and the regional sites EMS. For example:

http://www.emsukraine.com.ua/ EMS Ukraine

http://www.emspost.ru/ru/ EMS Russian

http://www.belpost.by/services/ems-express-mail/ EMS Belarus

What conclusions can we draw? EMS shipping for purchases in Aliexpress makes sense to use only for valuable goods and when periods of time running out. In all other cases, it is easier to wait the extra 5-10 days.

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