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17track - a universal site for tracking parcels in English

17track 17track

Very powerful and convenient tool to track packages from Chinese online stores, and most importantly in English!

In this article we will introduce you to my dear customers with a very interesting and user-friendly resource for tracking parcels 17track (17trek). The official website http 17track net, the Russian version is located at http 17track net / ru. This resource allows you to track the origin of more than 170 postal China and other countries Services.

And as to track the parcel via 17track (17trek)?

The first thing you do is go to the English language version of the site. Then copy issued by the seller send the track code in the appropriate field. Principle all you can click Search. But if you know how the carrier was sent parcel, it is better to specify by pressing the Carrier button. This will provide more accurate data and to speed up the process of tracking. If you are in doubt, then the system will try to automatically detect your carrier.

If any information about your parcel is present in the database, it will be displayed in a convenient tablet, however, in English. To translate into English the status you must use the button translation via Google Translate.

Another nice moment for those who often buys a lot in China - this app 17track, which will allow you to always be aware of the movements of the items. Appendix 17track absolutely free.

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