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US Sizes on Aliexpress and Russian Translation

Very often, almost always, the sizes for Aliexpress are presented in US standards - children's, adults, men's, children's.

US size chart for adults (Aliexpress)
The sizes of clothes in the USA have gradation: 2, 4, 6, 8 and so on. In principle, these sizes can be correlated with the usual ones to us, L, M, XL and others, however this is not a rule and therefore one should not be guided by this, as it may be Chinese standards.

In order to correctly choose the size of the US grid, it is necessary to first measure the person for whom the thing is intended. Further in the description of the thing we find the table of the sizes (it is always on Aliexpress, both female and male). One such dimension table can contain all the standards at once: US, Asian, European. We are only interested in the standard that we choose when ordering.

And so on the table, already knowing the dimensions in centimeters, we find the appropriate size. And we specify it for the order. Yes, the tables of the ratio of US sizes for each Aliexpress seller can be different!

Children's sizes USA at Aliexpress
With the child size of the US standard, things are worse, - graduation does not depend on the size of the child, but on his age. For example, the size 5M corresponds to five months of the year, and 3T corresponds to the ryom years. You understand this is inconvenient and risky to make such purchases.

In order to choose the right size from the US, we perform the same procedure as for adults!

Sizes of shoes in the USA for Aliexpress
The system of standards and US sizes in shoes takes into account not only the length of the foot, but also the width. US sizes usually have the following form

We select the size by the measuring method in centimeters. How to measure your foot size read in our detailed article about choosing shoes sizes. Yes, the tables of the ratio of shoes sizes in the US for each seller of Aliexpress can be different!

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