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Dimensions of gloves at the store Aliexpress

How to choose the right size of gloves when purchasing Aliexpresse? How to measure the palm?

And so it began the task in front of you during the ordering process - select the size of the glove. Sellers tend to indicate dimensions in this form: S, M, L, and so forth, but what is the equivalent in centimeters? As you probably already know, you should not rely on the standard sizes, as Chinese producers and sellers are not particularly oriented to them. In each case, different sizes may be hiding under one and the same letter.

The first thing you need to do - is to measure the width and girth of the palm. Why two measurements, you ask? This is necessary because the translation table from vendors is also different. We perform measurements, as shown in the figures.

Hereinafter gloves on Aliexpress looking for a translation table, and choose the right size of gloves. That's all.

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