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Size chart of jackets for Aliexpress

Many buyers of things in online stores are worried about the question of how to choose the right size for a jacket in Aliexpress. Moreover, everyone knows that the Chinese dimensions are fundamentally different from European and American. In this article we will teach you how to choose the right size of jackets in China and place an order.

The sizes of jackets Аliexpress are specified in the standard of Asia and have quite a wide range - not to be confused with European sizes! Although the labeling is similar both in Asia and in Europe (L, XL, XXL), we repeat not to be confused! The difference in size can reach up to two sizes, so the size of the aliexpress with the usual can be correlated, approximately, as indicated in the table.

Tables presented on the product description page usually contain several standard sizes - Chinese, European and American and the sizes of individual clothing items in centimeters. That's just the size in centimeters will not let us make a mistake in the choice.

Pay attention that on AliExpress jackets are provided from different Chinese factories and naturally the size grid of the jacket for aliexpress can differ. The responsible seller always specifies the dimensional grid on aliexpress on the page of the goods that he sells, when buying, be sure to check with the table that the seller published.

Before proceeding to the measurements, read the meaning of the parameters indicated in the dimensional grid of Aliexpress:

Remove the measurements from yourself to choose the size

Chest volume (chest / bust);
Shoulder width (shoulder);
The length of the arms (the distance from the shoulder to the wrist) (sleeve);
Length of legs (inner);
Neck girth - for the purchase of products with a collar;
Total length of the product
Further in the tables, the averaged values ​​are indicated, which will give you some idea of ​​the size of the aliexpress.

When choosing the size of a jacket for aliexpress, be sure to keep in mind that almost all Chinese things are small, so it's better to choose your size more than you wear.


Attention! The table data is given as an example for you to have an idea of ​​the choice of size. Tables for each seller can be radically different!

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