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Sizes of swimwear on Aliexpress

A brief and understandable guide on how to choose the right size swimsuit for Aliexpress. What measurements should be taken and how to determine the size of the leotard according to the table.

When choosing the size of a swimsuit in the product card, we come across sizes of this kind: M, L, XL and so on. But they, as a rule, do not correspond to any standards, therefore in order to correctly choose the size, it is best to make the following measurements of the one for whom the purchase is intended:

Chest volume (bust)
Breast size (cup size)

After the measurements are executed, we turn our attention to the swimsuit size table, which is indicated in the description of the goods. Attention - the tables are not universal for all sellers, everyone can have their own swimsuit size grid. Therefore, each time it is better to consult exactly with the table, which refers to the necessary goods.

Usually the table for choosing the size of a swimsuit is as follows:

Table for the size of a swimsuit

Also, there is usually a table of averaged values, according to which you can choose the size of the leotard based on the ratio of height and weight. However, you should not accept it, as a rule, but only as a verification option.

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