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Size of glasses Aliexpress

How to choose the right size of glasses on Aliexpress. The size of glasses for Aliexpress.

Quite a popular product on Aliexpress are both sunglasses and glasses for sight. But how correctly to choose the size of points? In glasses there are no standards for size, so each pair of points is selected individually, based on the description of the seller.

Therefore, when buying glasses for Aliexpress always pay attention to the description of the goods! At diligent sellers you always can find all necessary size, as shown in the figure below.

Total width - the length of the frame
Lens width - lens height
Frame height - lens width
Nose width - the width of the ears for the nose
Leg length - the length of the bow

To correctly choose the size of glasses, just compare these values ​​with the glasses that you already have.

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