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Size of overalls: Aliexpress

How to choose the size of overalls on Aliexpress. The sizes of overalls: Aliexpress.

Choosing the size of overalls for Aliexpress is quite a painstaking task, as in overalls there are many separate parts, on the size of which the thing will fit you or not. This is the sleeves, and trousers, waist, hips, shoulders.

As you probably already know that the dimensions of Aliexpress are in no way connected with reality! In fact, in order to correctly choose the size of the overalls, you need to measure yourself first, and then choose the size from the seller's compliance table. And every seller this table can have its own. Therefore it is better to check each time.

To select the size of the overalls you will need the following data:

Bust (Bust)
Height from shoulder to ankle (Hollow to floor)
Full height (Height)
Height of the leg (Inside Leg)
The length of the sleeve

As soon as you measure all this, go to the selection of the size of the seller's table. And only then make out an order. Since I will repeat the dimensions of L, M, XL, so further may not correspond to reality.

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