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Jeans size chart on Aliexpress

Quick and clear guidance on how to choose the right size jeans on Aliexpress. What are the measurements necessary to carry out and how to determine the size of the table.

When selecting jeans size card product on Aliexpress, we are confronted with numbers like this: 23, 24, 25 and so on. What it is not clear to me, but it does not matter! In order to choose the right size it is best to make the following measurements that is intended for anyone buying:

  • waist circumference (waist);
  • hips (hips);
  • total height of the product (length)
  • volume leg at the beginning and at the end (thigh, open)

After the measurements are made to draw his attention to the table jeans size is listed in the description of the goods. Attention - size table not universal for all sellers, everyone can have their own grid sizes. So every time it is better to consult a table that refer to the desired product.

Typically, the size of the table for the selection of jeans is as follows:

China jeans size chart

It is also generally present a table of average values, which you can select the size of the jeans or pants based on the ratio of height and weight. But do not take it, as a rule, but only as a screening option.

Many customers recommend taking all the same size larger than the one that fell on the table, arguing that 80% of smaller jeans 1-2 cm and a little sit down after washing. In principle it is possible to agree with them, and a step in the dimensional grid is not great and the extra centimeter will not play a big role for you, but rather insure.

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