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How to choose the size of hats, hats and other headgear for Aliexpress

Table (diagram) of the sizes of headdresses on Aliexpress. How to choose the right size for Aliexpress?

As a rule, the choice of the correct size is reduced to measuring the circumference of the head and further selecting the size from the table. The standard table of headwear is as follows:

However, in Aliexpress, as a rule, there is no possibility of choosing the size - a batch of caps is sold in a universal or uniform size. Which usually fits in 70% of cases. But the description always specifies a range. For example, 62-65 cm, 55-65 cm and so on. See is the mind circumference of the head.

If still, when buying caps, hats, masks, hoops and other things on the head, there is a size selection table do not rush to choose according to the standard generally accepted headwear size diagrams - check the below description of the goods. On the Aliexpress - there will necessarily be a table of sizes from the seller.

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