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How to choose shoe size on Aliexpress

Not to be mistaken with the choice of shoe size when buying in a store Aliexpress should take this issue very carefully: it will buy back enough. In this article, we will explain how to choose the shoe size on Aliexpress.

In 99% of cases, sellers are asked to choose shoe size to order in the US standard (USA). For example 10, 10.5 etc. In order to compare the size of the EU you have to measure your foot length as follows:

How to measure the length of the foot?

By measuring the length of the foot, then finding on the table (for the attention of boys and girls are different tables). Next, we find the closest size in centimeters and choose the appropriate length of the foot American shoe size. Shoe sizes for men, women and children are chosen similar in comparison tables.

Table shoe size on Aliexpress:

When choosing a shoe size Aliexpress recommend rounding up larger if it enters the length of the foot between the sizes.

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