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Children's sizes on Aliexpress

How to choose the right size for children when shopping in Aliexpress stores.

The size tables for children in Aliexpress, presented on the product description page, usually contain several size standards - Chinese, European and American. And the sizes of separate elements of clothes in centimeters. That's just the size in centimeters will not let us make a mistake in choosing the size for the child.

Please note that At AliExpress, children's clothing is presented from different Chinese factories and naturally the dimensional grid for aliexpress may differ. The responsible seller always specifies its own dimensional mesh on Aliexpress on the product page that it sells, when buying, be sure to check with the table that the seller published.

Before you begin to measure the child, read the meaning of the parameters specified in the size grid or the Aliexpress table:

Chest volume (chest / bust);
Shoulder width (shoulder);
The length of the arms (the distance from the shoulder to the wrist) (sleeve);
Length of legs (inner);
Neck girth - for the purchase of products with a collar;
Total length of the product
Further in the tables of children's sizes, the average values ​​are indicated, which will give you some idea of ​​the size of the aliexpress.

When choosing a child size for aliexpress, be sure that almost all Chinese things are small, so it's better to choose your size more than you wear. Secondly, never rely on the familiar S, M, L and so on - each seller they are different!

The scheme of choosing a child's size does not differ from adults in any way. First, we measure by centimeter all the necessary parameters of the child, and then on the seller's table, based on the received data, we also choose the child size. If you do not understand how to choose a child size for Aliexpress, check out the video below! And you will understand that it is very easy to choose the right size for children!

By the way, this method can be used when choosing a child's size of Aliepress for any thing: T-shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, hats and so on.

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