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All sales on Aliexpress Store

sales on Aliexpress Store sales on Aliexpress Store

What are the sales in Aliexpress? Timing, timing and what to expect from sales in Aliexpress?

Today let's talk about the sales and other rides unprecedented generosity in Aliexpress Chinese store. Consider the reality of discounts, pitfalls, delivery time and other aspects of the sales in the Aliexpress.

Discounts for sales in Aliexpress. Yes, at the time of sales, as a rule, there are good discounts. However, do not obsess and enter at the price tags with discounts of 50% for example. As all traders in the world all prices rise before a sellout, and then discount is - well, you know shortly. But during the sell-off in commodity prices still much lower.

Pitfalls when sales in Aliexpress. In fact only two of them, and then only with great reserve. First, a little delayed sending and delivery of parcels, as a consequence of the huge number of orders in these days. Secondly, if you aim at what a pleasure thing in advance, then buy it immediately after the start of sales - is such that the goods very quickly ends.

What are the sales on Aliexpress and when they take place?

1. Season. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Their hard course called Closeouts - rather, it simply focuses on seasonal products. Therefore, they are not particularly interested in us.

2. Christmas and New Year's sales. On Aliexpress contests and various promotions like from the store and from vendors. There are impressive discounts in almost a month.

3. The November sale 11.11 on Aliexpress. World day of shopping! The most significant sale on Aliexpress. The biggest discounts in 24 hours. About a week before the sale on Aliexpress contests and various promotions like from the store and from vendors. Distribution of coupons and more.

4. Black Friday on Aliexpress. Sale held on the last Friday of November and is also known for good discounts. After Black Friday to immediately act Aliexpress sale Cyber ​​Monday.

I think we have lifted the veil of secrecy to you on Aliexpress sales. Buy, save, enjoy shopping.

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