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Sale of 11.11 in the store Aliexpress

Sale of 11.11 in the store Aliexpress Sale of 11.11 in the store Aliexpress

Aliexpress holds an annual sale, which has the code name 11.11. Let's see when and in what time passes sale.

And so sale is held every year on November 11 and lasts for hours. Sale already carried out in 2014 and 2015 and, due to its popularity, will be held 11.11.2016. There is another name - the world day of shopping in Aliexpress.

But preparation for the sale begins in a few weeks, contests, raffles, gifts, distribution of coupons. And you can use them only during sales activities.

What else can be said of the November sale of Aliexpress? Feedback from customers and from our own experience, we can conclude that especially does not get saved. However, due to all the coupons you can buy inexpensive stuff. For example, I had a coupon for $ 5 - turned out to buy a ceramic knife for $ 1.

Do not forget that the sale was not invented for buyers and sellers! Be careful, most likely, many sellers will be required to merge their goods.

For more information about sales on Aliexpress in the special section "Overstock Aliexpress". Also note that Ali lives in a different time zone, so as not to miss a sale November 11 Aliexpress - read the article "What time by Aliexpress"

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