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Cyber Week at Aliexpress

Sale on Aliexpress, which last a week and begins immediately after the Black Friday sales.

Cyber Week in principle no different from other sales of Chinese shops, including Aliexpress: draws, discounts, coupons, bonuses, and so on. The only feature of this sale is its duration - 7 days. As well as specification - promotional prices are mainly in the technology, gadgets, electronics.

Cyber Week begins with Cyber Monday, which immediately follows the global day of shopping (the fourth Thursday of November, and Friday for it is a day of shopping) and continues all week.

Discounts during cyber week on Aliexpress. Yes, at the time of sales, as a rule, there are good discounts. However, do not obsess and do not throw in the price tags with discounts of 50% for example. As all traders in the world all prices rise before a sellout, and then discount is - well, you know shortly. But during the sell-off in commodity prices still much lower.

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