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Black Friday at Aliexpress - selling 2016

Black Friday (black friday) - is one of the most significant sales in the store Aliexpress.

Low prices during the Black Friday sales due to the fact that the sellers of the day trying to sell products that do not have time to implement throughout the year. A very important point! Date of sales each year is different. Black Friday begins immediately after Thanksgiving in the United States - is the fourth Thursday in November.

Black Friday Online Aliexpress begins November 28, 2016 at 10:00 am Moscow time. As a general rule, preparations for sale in Aliexpress begin within a couple of days: different contests and sweepstakes coupon codes, which, incidentally, can be applied only at the time of sale.

During Black Friday sales in 2016, as in previous years, even for products not involved in the sale, will operate up to 60%. The thing is that in this day sellers primarily want to get rid of the goods rather than money.

In order not to miss out on Black Friday Aliexpress, sometimes recommended to visit sections dedicated to the sale: Do not miss out on Aliexpress and good luck with your Black Friday.

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