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Colored markers for rubber and tires

Colored markers for rubber and tires Colored markers for rubber and tires

New interesting novelty from the Chinese tuning car and motorcycle tires and tires. A cheap tool that will help transform the wheel and identify you among the gray mass of other motorists.

Marker for rubber is used as a conventional paint - clean the surface of the tire and apply the paint. The manufacturer claims that the paint dries in just 30 seconds. Buy a marker for tires can be different colors: white, yellow, red, green, blue, black, gold and silver.

According to customer reviews, paint a pretty good lie down and not deleted for a long time. On the machine requires three or four markers, and for two or three motorcycle. Well, as practice shows, all basically choose a white marker for tires (rubber). The cost of one marker only 90 cents. A delivery time marker from China will take approximately 15 to 30 days. Free delivery. Marker for rubber will be low, but effective method for tuning. And traditionally Aliekspress link to where you can buy a token.

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