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Cellphone Keychain

Cellphone Keychain Cellphone Keychain

Another interesting novelty from the Chinese - the mobile phone the size of a keychain. A full-featured mobile phone with a bunch of keys, which is always with you, can be a very useful toy. Dimensions remote control with built-in mobile phone all 70h35h15 mm.

Although the turn-key phone has full-fledged phone functions: one or two SIM cards, color display, memory card, FM radio, standard GSM, MP3 playback and video files, 800 mAh battery, 0.3 megapixel camera, a voice recorder. Keychain phone can be a great gift or Prezent for any occasion and celebration. Miniature mobile phone as a remote control may be a good helper in time of need. In general, the phone key chain has enormous potential in good hands.

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