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Buy blisks. Blisks from China. Mono wheel.

Buy blisks. Blisks from China Buy blisks. Blisks from China

Blisks, which is also called monocycle, unicycle, unicycle or bike - a new personal view of the world of environmentally friendly transport.

Today we'll talk about what happens blisks, where you can buy and at what price. The built-in gyro blisks - so managing them without any problems, even for the baby. Blisks electric motor is powered by a lithium battery, which lasts about 2 hours of battery life.

Buy blisks is now possible throughout the world, as well as in Ukraine and Russia. The price of blisks in ordinary shops starts from $ 700. However, blisks can buy cheaper from China. Price Chinese Aliexpress store on blisks is $ 300-350. So ordering blisks in China, you will save up to 50% of its value in your country.

Delivery blisks from China made international postal service DHL and EMS. Here are a couple of references to the blisks in China (Aliexpress).

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