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Bottle Filter. Bobble Bottle

Bottle Filter. Bobble Bottle Bottle Filter. Bobble Bottle

Another trend in the style of It's my bottle - a bottle Bobble! As it is called eco bottle or bottle with a filter. Bobble average price in the shops and online stores $ 10.

Well, since our goal is to teach you how to save, then we will focus on how you can buy a bottle of filter in China.

BOBBLE bottle filter is an ordinary plastic bottle fitted with a charcoal filter that purifies water while drinking from the chlorine and organic! The filter is designed approximately 150-300 liters, depending on water quality.

Warning bottle is designed to purify tap water. It is not recommended to use it to purify water from questionable sources. Eco bottle will be very useful for people with active lifestyles and will save money on the purchase of treated water in the shops.

Buy a bottle Bobble is possible to store, for $ 10 or $ 3-4 in China (Aliexpress). A bottle filter is very common among merchants Aliexpress, so buy it will not be a problem. Also Aliekspress many more colors and sizes Bobble.

And so here are a couple of sellers bottle with filter Bobble:

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