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Flops with a rose from Aliexpress

Flops with a rose from Aliexpress Flops with a rose from Aliexpress

Good day to all. In this review, I want to tell you about my latest purchase in Aliexpress store - a beautiful thong with a rose.

I am a frequent visitor to the site Aliekspress, ordering there are a lot of different things: clothes, bags, shoes, useful things for the home, and even digital technology.

Shopping pretty 50 to 50. Sometimes you just have wonderful things, of high quality and at a reasonable cost, and sometimes buy a thing, to put it mildly, a bad quality. Here it is how you will get. I have small feet, our Russian 35 and 36 European.

In a city is rare to find good shoes such scanty size, so you have to search the Internet. These sandals I liked, beautiful flower rose, honey colors. It is a pity that not bought them earlier in my trip to the Canary Islands, they would be very fit.

They cost at the moment is not expensive, only 15 dollars. For the money I got flip-flops of excellent quality, light as a feather, it is not felt on the leg, comfortable, never too tight, not rubbing. Seller sent them pretty quickly track the parcel after 10 days, the quality of the goods, I was satisfied. So I advise all those who love the light and bright summer footwear.

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