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Review of laser sights from Aliexpress

Laser sights for air rifles from Aliexpress

With housemates indulge in shooting from air rifles as optical sight has already been included, we decided to upgrade weapons, delivering laser sights. sight in Aliexpress cost was $ 19 and the price of the same in the shops of Ukraine to 1000 hryvnia. Sights arrived very quickly (15 days), is well packed in branded boxes.

Complete with two types of fixtures present laser flashlight: one at the bar, the other for when you have something already established there. Fastening type Clamp eight. Almost all the parts are made of metal or something similar to it. Also included were two types of inclusion sight: a button on the remote button and the sight at a convenient place for you. The battery - the battery.

The laser sight is equipped with calibration elements, both vertically and horizontally. After field trials and approximately 100 shots accuracy has not changed - it means, most likely, well made workmanship.

In general, buying a laser sight is very happy. A good grade and quality for sane money.

Review of laser sights from Aliexpress

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