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The peak day night for the car from Aliexpress Store

The peak day night for the car from Aliexpress Store The peak day night for the car from Aliexpress Store

A very common commodity in recent years in the vast network of Internet - the sun visors night day. So we booked a happiness from China.

Ordered to test the cheapest sun visor day and night in the car with Aliexpress store! For those who still do not know what kind of gadget - telling.

This device with two plates, which are mounted on the visor in place a staff car and have some properties - one of them for daytime use (the sight glass with polarizing filter), the second night, yellow for protection from oncoming headlights and glare. Without going into science, in short, sun day night must improve visibility when driving.

And since the cost of a peak day and night in Aliexpress was only 4 against $ 10-15 on sale on the Internet. Visor day night reached the Ukraine about 20 days, which by our standards very quickly. All together and in working condition, however, the box is very damaged in transit (SRAs video review). locking mechanism visor plastic - does not inspire confidence - stretch a little bit, I think.

Buy or not buy visor night day? I tried it day and night! I do not know the feeling is very subjective - like ride more pleasant day, with the sun copes pretty well. However, at night all painted in yellow color was not very impressed. To buy or not to buy the visor day night your case - I can not say yes or no. I suspect that all of them, and so go from China to markets and shops - so it is better to buy Aliexpress.

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