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Speakers (speaker) from Aliexpress store

Speakers (speaker) from Aliexpress store Speakers (speaker) from Aliexpress store

A small survey on the occasion of the purchase of portable USB speaker for notebook, tablet computer from store Aliexpress.

It all started with the fact that I changed the laptop. And in the new laptops speakers were very weak - that is, 70% watch video is not real - unheard of even at the maximum. Therefore, and I decided to buy the cheapest portable speakers on Aliexpress.

Now, by the columns. Classic portable speakers for laptop and mobile technology. Two small sizes 6 columns by 6 by 6 cm with a capacity of speakers about 4 watts. Connectivity: mini-jack and USB.  Speakers from Aliexpress came fairly quickly - about 20 days Whole and well packaged. They play loud without extraneous noise. In the speakers there are the volume control.

Among the few drawbacks is worth noting a rather low quality of sound, but with the usual tasks to cope well: watch the video, a movie, listen to the radio. The second drawback is the stubby wires - well, very short!

Cost speakers on Aliexpress amounted to $ 4, so complain to sin. If you're willing to spend $ 10-15, you can buy a very decent speakers.

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