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Suitcase or travel bag from Aliexpress

Text and video review suitcases (traveling bag) from popular Chinese Aliexpress store.

Probably, this is one of the most disturbing my shopping Aliexpress - sending drove more than 2 months. Although I expected it. In view of its size, it is likely, went by sea to our Ukraine.

The package had two elements: a large suitcase and a small handbag, made in the same style. Height 20 inches large suitcases and a small parcel 12. In one case naturally invested in other to save space.

The quality of materials at the highest level - high-quality plastic, sturdy snake, sturdy retractable handle. What else is very pleased with the wheels on the big suitcase - soft and silent. The suitcase can be closed with the integrated combination lock and using the implement. For hinged padlock rings are special. All snakes are protective rubber lining that protects against moisture inside the bag.

More clearly overcame below in the video review, and in the photographs.

Suitcase or travel bag from Aliexpress

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