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Cordless Shaver from China Aliexpress Jinding RQ 1150

Aliexpress Jinding RQ 1150 Aliexpress Jinding RQ 1150

Today, electric came from Aliexpress cost $ 30. Reviews of the assembly, the speed of delivery and quality of the electric shaver. Video Review.

Razor reached in approximately 20 days. Options also proved to be a complete and consistent with the stated manufacturer of razor, Case, Charging Cable, nozzle for shaving hair in the nose and whiskers, an adapter for Asian wall outlets. Here are some reviews of the razor from China Jinding RQ 1150: goods arrived.

All works well. Weak, of course, but value for money is excellent. For such a price the razor is excellent. inside the razor one transistor and nothing more. Charging time is necessary to pinpoint the most, otherwise the batteries will go to recharge and be spoiled. the rest - simple as bast. but shaves. and shaves well - perhaps this is the merit of knives that are very personal quality. body - plastic, painted under the "gold" It's fast.

Options corresponds to the track being tracked, the seller sociable. Well packaged. Thank you very much the seller, razor works perfectly, sending rate too! Ukraine has reached 14 days! Razor is working fine, the seller recommended! Thank you! So if you want to buy an inexpensive cordless shaver from China, turned his attention to the razor with Aliexpress. It's certainly not Philips, but the price!

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