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Bumper Case for Samsung phones on Aliexpress

This time, we review the cover (type bumper) from the premium segment for mobile phones Samsung.

I already had a review of the rubber housing for Aliexpress phone, but this time I ordered an expensive case and was not disappointed. The cost was $ 15 cover. Case arrived in Ukraine for about 20 days (according to the tracking code track he rode and Poland).

Sam was really bumper is made of aluminum, drawing on the back cover was not just printed - it was rippled, surround. Indeed holding it in my hands, I felt the quality of the product. As the saying goes: "There is China, and there is a complete China."

As it turned out, the back cover is removed! That is, you can dress like a bumper and bumper cover.

Do you want to buy a case for your phone Aliexpress? In general, I highly recommend! One of the few purchases, from which I am euphoric!

Buying cover phone on Aliexpress, get ready for a huge selection and the same spacing huge price! Carefully read the description of the main cover, the benefit now Aliexpress all in Russian.

Bumper Case for Samsung phones on Aliexpress

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