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Aliexpress sneakers - sneakers - reviews, charts, photos

Aliekspress sneakers - sneakers - reviews, charts, photos Aliekspress sneakers - sneakers - reviews, charts, photos

It is very hard to write a review of women's shoes, but will try to light the standard issues such as quality, price and appearance.

And so we had to order shoes from Aliexpress, or rather shoes wedges or as they are called sneakers. By the time sneaker with China reached about 15, which is very fast for Ukraine! The only thing that immediately alerted - they were packed in a bag, but before the entire shoe salesmen are always sent out in a box. Well, in the end everything was whole.

The cost of running shoes (sneakers) Aliexpresse amounted to $ 25, which again is in Ukraine with the current dollar exchange rate very nice price. Since the cost of such shoes in the markets and shops starts from 1000griven. Against the cost of running shoes on Aliexpress 500-700 UAH.

Now the quality of sneakers with Aliexpress. With the size of guessed. Snickers got it right. Externally, no damage, thread, adhesive residue and other flaws are not noticed. Material sneakers - probably synthetic leather. But when we buy things in a woman dressing room, not looking for expensive things - even buying things all set for the season with Aliexpressa turns profitable.

Again, no matter how expensive and quality shoes, it is still mentally and physically tired and loses Shikov view soon enough.

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