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Payment by credit card on Aliexpress

Payment by credit card to Aliexpress. All the answers to questions related to the payment of orders for Aliexpress bank cards.

It's no secret that paying for orders with credit bank cards is a very popular way. However, many buyers do not know how to do this, or are afraid for one reason or another. In this article, we will go through all the steps and answer all the common questions.

Payment by credit card to Aliexpress

And so you have decided on the purchases and are in the basket for the continuation of the order and its payment. Clicking the button to place an order, we proceed to the payment stage. If you pay by card to Aliexpress for the first time, then select the bookmark map and start filling in the fields.

1. Bank card number - 16 digits on the front side of your card;
2. The validity period of the card - month and year by numbers are indicated on the front side of the card
3. Card security code (CCV) - usually 3 digits located on the back of the card
4. Name of card holder - your name in Russian or English

If all the bank card details for Aliexpress you entered correctly the page will be updated and the payment procedure will begin. Depending on the bank (for example, Sberbank and Privat Bank), you can be redirected to an additional staging page to confirm payment using SMS. This procedure is initiated by the bank, not by Aliexpress.

If everything went well you will receive a confirmation message. By the way, orders can be paid by any bank cards, regardless of the currency of the card. The funds will be converted and debited automatically at the rate of your bank.

Common mistakes when paying with bank credit cards

1. There are not enough funds on the card
2. The payment is blocked on the Internet. The problem is usually solved by removing the lock through an online bank or by calling your bank's hotline.
3. The daily limit for withdrawing funds has been exceeded. Pay by card either the next day, or increase the limit in a way similar to the previous one.

After the first payment, Aliexpress will remember your card and offer to tie it to Alipay. In the future, you do not have to enter data on a new one. If you suddenly tied the card and Aliexpress remembers it, and you need for some reason to make a payment from another bank card, you need to do the following.

At the stage of choosing the payment, you must choose Pay by card or in other ways and the process will start from scratch.

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