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How to cancel an order in Aliexpress

Instructions on cancellation of orders in the store Aliexpress at various stages. When it is possible to cancel the order, and when you can not.

How to cancel an order in Aliexpress

Go to the list of orders and find ourselves interested in the order. Rights-looking button cancel (Cancel order). On the page of cancellation specify any reason, of the proposals to choose from. After the seller will confirm the cancellation, the refund process will be initiated. The money will come back to your account within 10 days.

How to cancel an order for Aliexpress if payment is verified?

In fact, it is technically impossible. We are waiting for verification of payment and only then initiate the cancellation procedure as described above.

Cancel the order for Aliexpress after payment?

Cancel the order for Aliexpress after payment can only be waiting for check payment, and the dispatch of the order by the seller.

How to get a refund for a canceled order Aliexpress

After cancellation you do not need any manipulation carried out. The money will automatically be returned within 10 days.

To cancel the order on Aliexpress that money back?

Money will automatically return within 10 days

Seller canceled order

It happens that the seller cancels the order on their own, for whatever reason. In this case, the means will be returned automatically.

How to cancel an order on Aliexpress if it has already been sent

Technically, sent an order can not be undone. We can only option simply does not pick it up from the post office and she would go back any include "idiot" and open a dispute. However, this is unlikely.


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