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Aliexpress and Sberbank

Aliexpress and Sberbank Aliexpress and Sberbank

Features of payment for orders when calculating a card of the SberBank. Aliexpress card of the SberBank.

Suppose that you have already decided on the purchase and added it to the basket. We proceed to the stage of placing an order by clicking the button to place an order. And we get to the payment page. Before you start the payment procedure, you need to make sure that you do not have internet payments blocked on the Savings Bank card. This can be done by applying to the hotline of Sberbank or to Sberbank on-line. And of course you should have enough money on the card. By the way, if the card of the Savings Bank is credit, then the funds can be written off in debt.

How to pay for Aliexpress through Sberbank?

After you are convinced of the above, we begin to fill in the details of the card. There are no more features when paying with a Sberbank card. Payment by Sberbank card is no different from any other payments on the Internet.

1. Bank card number - 16 digits on the front side of your card;
2. The validity period of the card - month and year by numbers are indicated on the front side of the card
3. Card security code (CCV) - usually 3 digits located on the back of the card
4. Name of card holder - your name in Russian or English

If you entered all the bank card details for Aliexpress correctly, the page will be updated and the payment procedure will begin. Depending on the bank (for example, Sberbank and Privat Bank), you can be redirected to an additional staging page to confirm payment using SMS. This procedure is initiated by the bank, not by Aliexpress. Also, with a successful payment through Sberbank, you will receive an SMS message about the charge of the funds from the card.

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