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Venetian masks, masks in Venetian style

Venetian masks, masks in Venetian style Venetian masks, masks in Venetian style

Venetian masks are usually divided into two types: a mask of Italian comedy epic (Harlequin, Columbine, Pedrolino, Pulcinella, Pierrot) and the classic Venetian mask (Bout, Venice Queen, Joker, Cat Plague Doctor and current) .In Aliexpress store online you can buy any type of Venetian masks and all sorts of colors.

One of the most popular and recognizable style is Venetian masks - The Plague Doctor (Medico della Peste) - during the plague put her doctors when visiting patients.

Huge selection of Venetian masks in a Chinese online store will help you make a purchase precisely the mask that you were looking for. The mask will complement your outfit and help to create the right image in any color at a costume festival or carnival. In this case, you will be useful and other accessories for carnival costume.

In addition to the masks in Internet Aliexpress store you can buy carnival wigs, masks, decorations and ornaments for the holiday.

Actually ways to use the Venetian mask a great variety: carnivals, theme parties, photo shoots, theater. It is even possible to stand out and wear it while skiing or snowboarding - everything is limited by your imagination.

Buy a Venetian mask on the site of one of the vendors to pay the order by one of the methods (Webmoney, PayPal, VISA or MasterCard). Order on user reviews, free shipping from China comes in the middle of 20 - 30 days. So if you want to save money and get the desired effect on his image at the festival - order Venetian masks in advance.

The real price of a Venetian mask, like millions of other products of Ali, much lower than your regional stores (because they still go out of China). Prices start mask from $ 1.

Next, you want to present pictures, photos of Venetian masks and a couple of stores in China from which to start searching ...

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