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Puppets. Giant Puppets

Puppets. Giant Puppets Puppets. Giant Puppets

Tell you what puppets or whatever they are called giant puppets. Where and how you can buy cheap wholesale and retail. Puppets on order from China. Prices, how to order and delivery methods.

Puppets or dolls giants - it's the facts of ordinary costume, but a hollow man's height, and then higher. These dolls are usually used at entertainment events and advertising purposes that would attract the attention of others.

Internet shops where you can buy puppets are not many, the prices are quite high and delivery times, and manufacturing dates are equal to, if you are ordered a giant doll from China (80% of the dolls go out). That is why we are today, and we want to share with you links to a Chinese shop Aliexpress, where you'll be able to buy a giant doll, saving about 50-80% of its value in your country. The price of the dolls in China starts at $ 90, while, as in the conventional store it not less than $ 200.

Mascots are sent from China delivery fee (price is usually included in the price) International courier EMS and DHL, so at the expense of safety can not worry about sending and delivery times are no more than 15 days.

One thing to consider when ordering this man's height and shoe size for which bought a suit. These data must be specified in the order comments. By the way, in some cases, can be ordered separately or head of the doll's body, which significantly reduces the price of the product. Even low-cost puppets made of light and hypoallergenic materials: polystyrene, polypropylene, cotton, fleece. Head dolls are equipped with a forced ventilation system for free breathing puppeteer.

Buy cheap puppets can these vendors:

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