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Lenses for your phone

Lenses for mobile phone Lenses for mobile phone

Presenting your attention very quickly gaining popularity worldwide lenses for mobile phones. When the penny value they will bring a lot of fun and a mountain of good shots. Share links to order and purchase the mobile lenses on Aliexpress.

Usually there are three types of complete mobile lenses: the lens on the phone Fisheye (fish eye), wide-angle lens for cell phone, close-up lens to the phone. But you can buy, and in solitary confinement, although the meaning of this is not, as the average price for a set of three pieces will cost you from $ 5 to $ 10 depending on the seller, the color and quality of the goods.

With Mobile fisheye lens, you can take photos with a range of 180 degrees from left to right on your phone. With macro lens, you can take a picture so the tiniest object in detail and with acceptable quality. Wide-angle lens for pictures of huge open spaces, for example, a group of people, buildings and landscape.

All mobile lenses attached to the camera comfortable to use clips, so you can always set the lens on your phone or digital camera easily. Lenses are compatible with most types of mobile phones in which the lens is greater than 13 mm in diameter.

P.S. Not at all there is it a toy :)) purchasing lens for mobile phone - professional photographer and a stunning effect should not be expected. Still we want to recommend you a couple of sellers on Aliexpress with adequate price and quality:

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