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Buy monopod for SELF. Monopod tripod button

Buy monopod for SELF. Monopod tripod button Buy monopod for SELF. Monopod tripod button

Monopod, Self, selfie, a self-portrait - today these words are synonyms. Monopod sort of a kind of tripod, camera and mobile devices task is shooting himself or the company of people. Today we'll show you where and how to buy a monopod. Monopod Buy store in China in Aliexpress. Monopod for Self wholesale also possible.

For mechanical characteristics monopod is a fixed size and monopod Telescope (unfolds like spinning). By means of fixation devices: universal and specialized monopods for a specific device. Management: monopod with a button monopod monopod with remote control and Bluetooth.

The price of the monopod in Ukraine will start from 350 hryvnia, and in Russia it is about 800 rubles. Price monopod in Aliexpress roughly $ 4-10. The benefit is obvious. For wholesale buyers are discounts depending on the amount. Read reviews of the monopod is in principle possible, but there is little sense, since they are all the same, and their design is simple.

Get ready for the summer - buy his first monopod for self button in China, saving finances. That's all. Successful purchases to you on Aliexpress. Stay with us. To order and pay for any goods can consult us through the chat in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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