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Overalls Nordic Way

Overalls Nordic Way Overalls Nordic Way

Warm plush jumpsuit with hood is presented in a variety of colors and patterns. Suitable for both boys and girls. The material can be compared with children's toys - soft and fluffy. Snakes on the pockets and the hood betray him his originality and functionality.

Material - 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Fabric Type: Knitwear.

Are you looking overalls? Overalls Nordic Way male and female, overalls for children and adults, in all colors and sizes, youth and classic cut.

Overalls, both for adults and for children - it is a very versatile solution in terms of home and everyday wear. Buy rompers means to get hold of in the locker room multipurpose clothing - jumpsuit will fit for home, outdoor, sports and outdoor activities like skiing, ice skating, skiing and snowboarding. Adult jumpsuit has the same properties.

Due to the materials used in the Nordic Way jumpsuits they are suitable to be worn in any season of the year. By tradition, we share a link to an online store Aliekspress overalls. The price in China is less than an average of 40%. Buy jumpsuit? Nothing could be easier.

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