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Pictures from Aliexpress Store

Pictures from Aliexpress Store Pictures from Aliexpress Store

Pictures on Aliexpress: beading, embroidery, diamond, modular, drawing numbers.

Pictures on Aliexpress in recent months start to gain momentum is not small. Especially popular are modular (composite picture).

The modular pattern is a single image that is composed of several separate fragments. The modular pattern is typically used for indoor decoration - it is cheap and very stylish.

The second most popular paintings are self-painting - painting a picture you paint your own. On the canvas coated pattern and divided into numbered sections in the kit supplied paint and image map (the corresponding figures for each ink color). Coloring the painting by numbers, you will achieve a truly masterpiece results.

Less popular, but no less beautiful, you can call the store Aliexpress pattern for embroidery with crystals and beads.

In order to buy pictures on Aliexpress in Russian, click on the button below to Russian version Aliexpress and to find right on the Russian post - with beads, embroidery, diamond, modular, drawing numbers


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