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Venues issuing orders Aliexpress (Points and offices issuing parcels with Aliexpress)

Venues issuing orders Aliexpress (Points and offices issuing parcels with Aliexpress) Venues issuing orders Aliexpress (Points and offices issuing parcels with Aliexpress)

International online store Aliexpress is a huge trading platform for Chinese manufacturers. Aliexpress is a whale which has long surpassed the stores like Amazon and eBay. Constantly growing and developing Aliexpress, it reduces the time of delivery of goods all over the world thanks to the optimization of logistics. And now, Ali got to the people of Russia!

Online shop http://ru.aliexpress.com with enviable speed opens up more and more new items are issuing orders and goods Aliexpress - issuance of one such center is already in Moscow. In the near future to announce the opening paragraphs Aliexpress issuing orders in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, which is much spark delivery of parcels and ensure their safety.

If you are in the region has not yet appeared point of delivery orders, buy and make reservations Ali can be as before, using the standard methods of delivery: China Post Airmail, THT, EMS and others. Delivery for 90% of goods from China is still free. Parcels will be sent to your local post office or UkrPost Russia.

Addresses and contact points of the issuance of orders and purchases Aliexpress can be found at the official website of the courier www.spsr.ru/ru/company/contacts.

The main advantage of the centers issuing orders Aliexpress - a crazy speed of delivery (about 6 days against 15-30 as before). This is an opportunity to check the goods on the spot.

Today the range of products with free shipping through SPSR (regional service) is not great: bags and purses basically. However, I think in the near future the number of goods from express delivery will increase - otherwise why bother to open points of issue.

On the website in the points of issue Aliexpress we will publish the new address points of issue of orders and purchases Aliexpress.

Issuing Centre Aliexpress order

On February 5, 2015 in Moscow was opened and started issuing corporate center of orders from Chinese online store Aliexpress. Issuing Centre was launched at Ukrainian Boulevard 6, it is based on the courier delivery "CPCR-Express", which is a strategic partner AliExpress in Russia.

Naturally, Ali-Express has canceled the old types of supplies, as before, he continues to work a lot of mail couriers, such as China Post Air Mail, Swiss Post, Hong-Kong Post, Singapore Post, DHL, TNT, FedEx, EMS.

Aliexpress company officially announced that it plans for 2015 to open in Moscow and St. Petersburg, about 10 centers issuance of orders, and then planned to create a network of several hundred outlets throughout Russia.

Find products delivered by SPSR on Aliexpress?

Order goods with the possibility of delivery via SPSR on Aliexpress not be difficult, let's see how to order goods via delivery service SPSR-Express.

Please note that residents of Russia (must select region) while searching products in the Aliexpress button appears Domestic Delivery (internal delivery) by clicking on it you otobrazyatsya only those products that might send via service SPSR.

Today button Domestic Delivery is only available in the English version of the site Aliexpress (simply switch the language in the panel on the English), the way the goods with the possibility of delivery via CPCR not difficult to find, are usually the mark of VDE red strip with the inscription Domestic Delivery (internal service) delivery time in this case 2-7 days.

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