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Pleasant and unpleasant news affiliate program Aliexpress

The administrative panel Aliexpress affiliate program there was a very interesting news regarding the copyright to use the brand.

Very disturbing reports (well, for someone like) can contemplate it was in the news bulletin Aliexpress - in short it was the introduction of penalties against Internet resources used for advertising purposes Aliekspress. Date of introduction was listed on 1 June. To be honest, I really get into a fuss, because in the name of my site using the word Aliexpress (www.aliexpress-shop.info), but a month passed, and I, in principle, received its average payout.

In fact, it is not clear exactly what was meant, since I'm not so good at English, and an interpreter translates the still crooked, and some things are not clear. But I suspect that they will be competing primarily with viral referral links and online stores, and not with blogs and feeds Yutuba my type.

I hope that this is true, and honest bloggers incomes go up.

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